About the artist

Contemporary oil painter
After a business career spanning twenty four years, Jo Willis spent two years studying garden design and painting. Based in West Sussex, she works in oils and her contemporary canvases cover a wide range of subjects. Influenced early on by David Hockney and the impressionists, her landscapes exhibit fresh, glowing colours and a subtle use of light and shade, whether the subject is a windswept beach in Norfolk or a grove of silver birches in the pale winter sun. Her life studies exhibit a graphic quality, focusing on tone and composition, often of groups of people engaging in day to day activities.

Another influence was Jo's father, Jack Roberts, who created impressionist inspired pastels and pen and ink drawings of his local Cheshire countryside.

For drawing, Jo uses an app on her iPad - today's equivalent of the sketchbook. Jo can draw wherever she is, on a train, in a café, or at home on the sofa with her scruffy cat.

Some examples of her iPad sketches can be found under iPad Doodles in the Doodle Dum, Doodle Dee gallery.

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